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Does eifas also create my annual accounts?

Yes, we are happy to prepare your annual accounts. With our serviceline eifas tax (tax consultancy) we not only prepare your annual
accounts, but also offer you all the full services of a tax consulting firm.

Which contracts have to be signed?

1. Using the eifas software

2. Power of Attorney Tax Office

3. Consulting contract eifas

4. Tax consultancy agreement

5. SEPA Direct Debit

6. Release of bank data for eifas

How do I pay?

You will receive an invoice from us with the monthly costs. We deduct our monthly payments from your account.

Is the bookkeeping compliant by eifas GoBD?

If we take over your entire accounting, this can be done entirely GoBD compliant. To ensure this, your current accounting and processes
are analyzed by our experts and adjusted in collaboration with you.

How can I start?

1. You will receive a mail with the access data to the eifassoftware.

2. You enter all your data in the form.

3. The upload of your vouchers can begin immediately.

How long is the
contract term?

You may terminate the use of the eifas software agreement by giving 14 days notice to the end of the month.

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