Be.DP2: our Big enterprise Data Platform  – Describe and Predict

For eifas, data services are an indispensable building block on our path to platform development. 

However, after working with a variety of solutions from ERP to BI throughout our careers, we know: to unleash the full potential of enterprise data the right technology is needed – and it does not yet exist in the market. 

Solutions addressing specific operational data problems are used in siloes while a disparate landscape of ERP and finance tools make it sheer impossible to harmonize, access and navigate through enriched financial data in real time. A big enterprise data platform is required. 

A platform that consumes data from all relevant sources, consolidates into a common data model, and provides a guided user interface to navigate and design analytics. A platform as a single source of trust that is built based on validated financial data, structured in a way common to all businesses: the 10-K.

And we know how to do it. Our vision has been shaped through unique experiences building the audit platform of the future within the Big 4. 

Our business team has audited and consulted businesses of various sizes and industries, including multiple Fortune 100 companies. 

Our technology team has more than a decade experience in building operational solutions.

We have received seed funding and have made the first steps on the roadmap to building our platform. 

The components we have built currently serve our German business to execute the finance function for small and mid-sized businesses (see our link to German business).

We are partnering with the Auburn University to realize our vision of a big enterprise data platform and seek long-term partnerships with our clients.

Please reach out for a demo or to learn more about our vision.


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